Hydraulic platforms

Scheme: Automobile scissor type, 2 stops

The automobile platforms follow each individual project designed as per the specifics and measurements of the site:

  • run close to the size of the shaft;
  • have economic electric motor (4 kWh) and work silently;
  • coated stainless steel;
  • could be fully automated (via remote control) or semi-automated (through floor boutonnieres).

The platforms have low height in crouched position (600 mm) which saves significant space on the ground floor compared to the space necessary for an elevator.

Technical specifications:

Height in a crouched position 600 mm
Maximum height 5000 mm
Width from 2400 mm
Length from 5000 mm
Power 1 motor – 4 kW
Capacity 3000 kg
Color Custom
Warranty 24 months